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Gezary has instructionals available through BJJ Fanatics and Jiu Jitsu X. 

Check them out below!

BJJ Fanatics

The Ge Guard

5 Time World Champ Gezary Matuda Shares Her Systematic Approach To Effectively Utilizing The Open Guard With Her Signature Ge Guard!

BJJ Fanatics

Pass Like a G

Deconstruct and Dismantle Great Guards Like a True “G” Using High Level Passing Systems from 3-Time IBJJF World Champion Gezary Matuda


Jiu Jitsu X

De la Spider

“De La Spider” is not just about positions, it’s about the concepts and details behind them. Learn how to control, attack and counter your opponent’s decisions with the spider guard, spider lasso, de la riva and everything in between. 

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